What patients say

“Dr. Nané Cheung is the greatest doctor who has ever lived. Or, more seriously, what I appreciate most about Dr. Nané Cheung is that she took the time to work with each patient individually. As opposed to the factory assembly line one encounters in too many of today’s medical offices, Dr. Cheung treated me as a unique individual, looking for – and finding! -- the best approach from her extensive toolkit to address the issues I was having. Accordingly, she solved a problem that had been untreatable for the other doctors I had visited.”

S. Walsh

“Dr. Cheung was instrumental in changing my life. Having battled weight most of my life she delivered the tools and understanding of food and exercise to help me successfully lose 125 lbs. and counting. More importantly, I have been able to cease taking Lipitor as my cholesterol levels are now normal. Her methodology is based on her thorough knowledge of nutrition and state-of-the-art nutritional supplements and substitutes, patient psychology, and personal tastes. My transformation has been both easy and consistent thanks to her compassionate care and treatment. Thanks, Nané.”

R. Meckler

“I am writing this testimonial about one of the best doctors it has been my good fortune to meet. Dr. Cheung is a warm and caring person who will take the time to really listen to what a person has to say. There have two occasions when Dr. Cheung has saved me from going under the knife. The first one was a time when I lost all the strength in my hands. The doctors wanted to operate on my neck, but Dr. Cheung advised me that maybe there was a better way. After a few visits, I had regained the use of my hands. Next, I developed a condition call drop foot and again the surgeons wanted to operate, this time on my low back. I called on Dr. Cheung and sure enough, she was able to get me back on my feet. She is truly a God sent healer! Thank you, Dr. Cheung.”

T. Leviner

“I have been working with Dr. Nané for almost 30 years, and now at age 73, I am in excellent health and a size 6! I did my work in the gym, but Doctor is not the only title that should be given to the educated, brilliant, and incomparable Dr. Nané Cheung. Her kind, authentic and soul search approach to Wellness has kept me coming back to be nurtured for the last twenty-two years and she led the way. I credit her internal cleansing program for No heart problems, cancer, or other diseases that my contemporaries now struggle with.”

E. Zoch

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