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It is an Honor...

"... to write a GLOWING recommendation about the BEST doctor in the WORLD! The ONE Person who NEVER gave up on me! It is because of Dr. Cheung that I am NOT in a wheelchair!! She helped me physically, nutritionally, AND spiritually.


Thank you, Dr. Cheung!"

M. Corrigan

Dr. Cheung combines a comprehensive...​

"... understanding of the functioning of the human body with a thorough knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, offering patients a route to natural healing that is both pleasurable and effective."

M. Siple, MS, RD

Author, "Healing Foods for Dummies"

Creativity and energy...​

"... play a major role in my profession. Dr Cheung has always managed to create a functional do-able program that NEVER matches the standard cookie-cutter approach to health. If you are committed to foster the magic and the miracles that are within you, I would highly recommend working with this gifted doctor."

J. Ciniglio

Fitness Author and Entertainer

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