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"I believe that being responsive to another human is the most important factor in building trust. A doctor needs to establish trust with their patients to open the door to true communication. Healing occurs on many levels; it requires listening, speaking, guidance, and heart to heart touching."


- Dr. Nané

Dr. Cheung combines a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the human body with a thorough knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, offering patients a route to natural healing that is both pleasurable and effective.

Molly Siple, MS, RD

Author, 'Healing Foods for Dummies'

It is an HONOR to write a GLOWING recommendation about the BEST doctor in the WORLD! The ONE PERSON who NEVER gave up on me! It is BECAUSE of Dr. Cheung that I am NOT in a wheelchair!! She helped me physically, nutritionally, AND spiritually. THANK YOU, Dr Cheung!

Mark Corrigan

I am on Day 6 and feeling better already. Today at my prayer time, I thanked God for you! You have indeed made a difference in my life with your programs to sustain me when I am weak. They have enabled me to live more fully. Many thanks...


As a fitness instructor and entertainer, creativity and energy play a major role in my profession. Dr. Cheung has always managed to create a functional do-able program that NEVER matches the standard cookie-cutter approach to health. If you are committed to foster the magic and the miracles that are within you and around you, I would highly recommended working with this truly gifted doctor.

Jay Ciniglio

Fitness Author / Entertainer

I have been working with Dr. Nané for almost 30 years, and now at age 73, I am in excellent health and a size 6! I did my work in the gym, but Doctor is not the only title that should be given to the educated, brilliant, and incomparable Dr. Nané Cheung. Her kind, authentic and soul search approach to Wellness has kept me coming back to be nurtured for the last twenty-two years and she led the way. I credit her internal cleansing program for No heart problems, cancer, or other diseases that my contemporaries now struggle with.

E. Zoch

I have known Dr. Nané Cheung for over l5 years. During those years, I have had not only excellent nutritional counseling but also life coaching. She is a mind, body, spirit healer, and I have found that she has helped me in all these three areas and recommend her highly for any medical, emotional, and spiritual issues. I have learned and grown as a person in working with her and consider her one of the best healers I have ever encountered.

Mary Perifimos

I have been a happy patient of Dr. Nané Cheung since 1984, when I first encountered her at a Health Fair in the Church of St John the Divine Cathedral, NYC. I missed her there due to the enormous requests for an evaluation that she was offering for folks. Well, she did call me soon after to follow up with a free session. Thereafter, I have been a thoroughly satisfied and healthier person as a result. The examples of her care are abundant. She has helped me to develop a healthier attitude about my body, as a sanctuary to all that is divine. She nursed me throughout all of the ills of living exposed to a toxic world with nutritional consultation, supplements, chiropractic care, her smiling face, and laughter…yes, laughter is one of her great spiritual medicines. I would see her before I see any other physician.


Who needs anyone else if you have Dr. Nané Cheung to care for you? I have followed her every office move all over the city and to her Long Island office for more great experiences under her guidance. Doing liver detoxification, ridding my body of unnecessary fat, letting go of unwanted weight, ending my poor eating habits and the resulting physical ailments has always seemed more fun and easier with her health and nutritional care. My blood work is better: good and bad cholesterol numbers have improved; my triglyceride range is normal now, and it’s all attributed to the good practices I have learned from her.


My days of endless back pain are gone. She’s even treated me without prescription medicines for pain for knee injuries after several falls, and for a sacroiliac condition I thought could never be healed without meds. I have not ever suffered from any of those since. When you are in Dr. Nane’s hands, you are in the best hands, healing hands. Everyone who I have ever seen walking out of her office walks out smiling and happier.​

D. Gubiseh-Ayala

I think that Dr. Nané Cheung is a spiritually hip nutritionist who knows what she’s supposed to do to help people on a deep level. She is a true healer. I went through a serious health crisis; she analyzed my blood tests and symptoms and put me on a special diet which included lots of healthy nutrients that I am still taking. I believe it was her program that helped me come through my illness to good health and I’ve never felt better. I think if more people could live this way and be in touch with Dr. Nané this would be a healthier planet. It is a pleasure for me to speak and work with her.

Dr. John (M.Rebennack)

Dr. Nané Cheung is the greatest doctor who has ever lived.” Or, more seriously, “What I appreciate most about Dr. Nané Cheung is that she took the time to work with each patient individually. As opposed to the factory assembly line one encounters in too many of today’s medical offices, Dr. Cheung treated me as a unique individual, looking for – and finding! -- the best approach from her extensive toolkit to address the issues I was having. Accordingly, she solved a problem that had been untreatable for the other doctors I had visited.

S. Walsh

I have been a patient of Dr. Nané 's for many years.....Well over 10+. When it comes to my well being, there is no one who is better than Nané. Her total approach to my body's well-being is evident in her ability to support my physical, mental, nutritional, and spiritual balance. I have never met anyone who can blend it all together to achieve optimal results from within us! My ability to function as a 30+-year-old (I am going to be 50) is supported by Nané 's insight, knowledge, wisdom, and skill-sets! Don't make a mistake and pass-up Nané taking care of you!

E. Able

I am a bi-coastal patient of Dr. Cheung's. That fact alone speaks volumes! Her guidance and wealth of knowledge have made her an invaluable resource in my quest for wellness. She makes recommendations based on your personal needs, always adapting to changing conditions. She is concerned about your entire well-being, not just what you eat or what meds you take. She reviews lab work, discusses in detail, goes back to your prior history so that you have a clear understanding. I have asked her so many tangential questions. She is always willing to spend the time answering them!

S. Ishak

I've been seeing Dr. Nané Cheung for over l0 years for nutritional support and have been very happy with her recommendations. She not only knows how foods and vitamins interact with each other and medications, she also knows if a less invasive remedy might heal the body versus conventional medications and/or surgery. I was told to have a surgical procedure on my thumbs for tendinitis only to see that Dr. Cheung cured this problem with a homeopathic medicine. I trust her judgment and feel confident with what she tells or prescribes for me. She has medical, chiropractic and nutritional knowledge so I know my body is getting the best treatment.

M. Perifimos

Dr. Cheung was instrumental in changing my life. Having battled weight most of my life she delivered the tools and understanding of food and exercise to help me successfully lose 125 lbs. and counting. More importantly, I have been able to cease taking Lipitor as my cholesterol levels are now normal. Her methodology is based on her thorough knowledge of nutrition and state-of-the-art nutritional supplements and substitutes, patient psychology, and personal tastes. My transformation has been both easy and consistent thanks to her compassionate care and treatment. Thanks, Nané.

R. Meckler

After feeling uncharacteristically exhausted for a month, a friend (and patient of the doctor), sent me to see Dr. Nané Cheung. Through an intensely written questionnaire and blood testing, Dr. Cheung confirmed her suspicions that I had the Epstein Barr virus, a precursor to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is hell to get rid of. It was then Dr. Nané Cheung went into action and guided me thru an in-depth process of changing my body's immune response to deal and cope with and ultimately conquer the Epstein Barr diagnosis.


She is brilliant and comes to a problem from many angles. She is like a detective, asking questions, exploring ideas with her patient(s), and getting to the bottom of the issue. She has an excellent and solid knowledge base, a big repertoire of ideas, and an understanding of how the body works on many levels. She is thorough and supportive and has an excellent sense of humor while really "knowing her stuff" and guiding the client to better health. The word "holistic" couldn't be truer of how Dr. Cheung approaches her profession

G. Metz

During almost two years of digestive problems and bouts of severe pain, I visited several doctors, a nutritionist, and the emergency room. I was told that I probably had simple heartburn. Upon a recommendation, I then went to see Dr. Cheung. She listened carefully to the description of my symptoms and promptly suggested that I might have gallbladder problems. She sent me for an ultrasound that confirmed this diagnosis. Although I ultimately chose to have surgery, Dr. Cheung helped me through a very difficult time, combining the use of healthy, natural supplements with her own instincts and expertise. (I am now happily symptom-free). Dr. Cheung was always refreshingly engaged and supportive, as well as extremely knowledgeable.

T. Jazaar

I am writing this testimonial about one of the best doctors it has been my good fortune to meet. Dr. Cheung is a warm and caring person who will take the time to really listen to what a person has to say. There have two occasions when Dr. Cheung has saved me from going under the knife. The first one was a time when I lost all the strength in my hands. The doctors wanted to operate on my neck, but Dr. Cheung advised me that maybe there was a better way. After a few visits, I had regained the use of my hands. Next, I developed a condition call drop foot and again the surgeons wanted to operate, this time on my low back. I called on Dr. Cheung and sure enough, she was able to get me back on my feet. She is truly a God sent healer! Thank you, Dr. Cheung.

T. Leviner

Dr. Cheung has been a part of our lives since 1990, which was when my husband traveled to Brazil. He contracted an intestinal parasite that migrated into his bloodstream. Despite treatment by several doctors, including a tropical disease specialist, his condition did not improve. After four months, his weight was down to 120lbs., he could not eat, and he had no energy. When a friend recommended Dr. Cheung, she discovered the actual cause of his illness, instituted a treatment plan, and within a month, he was on the road to recovery. Her approach and her caring are beyond what any doctor would need to do. For Dr. Cheung, “Make Your Body A Better Place To Live” is not just a slogan, but a goal for every one of her patients

D. Antonucci

I contacted Dr. Cheung seeking help with several medical issues which I was having which were all being treated with medication. Each condition and drug had moderate to severe side-effects affecting my quality of life. I had chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, urological, and gastrointestinal dysfunction, and had gained 30 pounds. Talking with Dr. Cheung I was able to define my health goals and with her help and guidance devise a plan of action to lose weight, regain energy and come off unnecessary medications or at least reduce the dosage. ( these were all long-term medications) Dr. Cheung conducted an exhaustive and thorough medical, mental and emotional history- based on her findings she then had a series of blood work done- Once she received these results, she put me on a 20-day Detoxification program.


During the program, I scheduled phone consults and corresponded via email, and she patiently answered all my questions, addressed my concerns, and provided support and encouragement throughout. At the end of 20 days, my energy level was back to normal: I was sleeping soundly, I had cut my prescription drug consumption by 1/2, and had lost 13 pounds. Encouraged by these outstanding results, I have been motivated to go on a 30-day weight loss program prescribed and supervised by Dr. Cheung to lose the remaining excess weight.


Dr. Cheung is knowledgeable, intuitive, and most importantly an excellent listener. Her intuitive intelligence is truly a rare gift. Combining her intensive medical and nutritional training with her holistic knowledge makes her a genuine healer. I would recommend Dr.Nané Cheung without reservation.

David Carrino

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